5 Evidence of the benefits of Handwriting

This information is not new, but in today’s world we are increasingly giving up pen and paper in favor of keyboards and screens, so we thought it was definitely worth bringing it up one more time. Besides, it’s interesting.

Why it’s good to write by hand

1. Handwriting develops the brain

The process of writing involves several areas of the brain related to thinking, working memory, distance estimation when moving, and orientation in space. So while a person performs simple actions such as pens on paper, motor skills and perception of the world are developed through the visual, auditory and kinesthetic systems.

Moreover, information written down by hand is easier to remember than printed information. This is due to the fact that the printed text always looks the same (even, clear, according to the given parameters), and the written text is less monotonous, the memory does not retain so much information as the sum of all the details, the overall view, from which then it is retrieved.

2. Writing by hand helps to put thoughts in order

Handwriting is the contact of a person’s thoughts with his physical body. Scientists say the speed of writing and the speed of thought are about the same, so we can say that when one is writing it is as if one is swimming in sync with oneself. Writing helps to calm down, concentrate, concentrate, better sort out one’s own thoughts and therefore find a solution, if necessary.

3. Writing by hand allows you to better formulate your thoughts

Let’s return to approximately the same speeds of human thought and handwriting. Also note that the speed of typing likely exceeds both. As a result, the typing person involuntarily “rushes” his thought, while the writing person has no need to do so. He is comfortable, he has time to formulate.

Here it is also worth mentioning literacy. In modern electronic technology, there is a function of automatic error correction (although it cannot take into account all the subtleties of language). The typewriter, unlike the writer, gives little thought to spelling – there is no need. The writer is not only forced to think and look for the answer in his head, but is most likely to remember what he has written (remember point 1).

4. Handwriting is like a date with yourself

Here, we would like to talk about psychological methods based on handwriting. Firstly, if you put a blank sheet of paper in front of you and allow yourself to write everything that comes to mind, in a comfortable environment, you can get excellent material for introspection. Second, a person’s handwriting can determine their character, even their mood and state of mind at the time of writing. Thirdly, it is proved that a difficult event is easier to experience and leaves less consequences if one writes about it on paper. About it, about your feelings, about your emotions… “letting it out” of you. One can also burn what one has written, which is also a certain psychological work on one’s state of mind.


5. Handwriting as a way of meditation

We have already talked about the fact that writing by hand calms and orders your thoughts. We also spoke about the fact that it makes it easier to get over difficult or unpleasant events. Why not take advantage of it when your emotions overwhelm you and take over your mind. With a pen and a white sheet of paper, you can help yourself get rid of destructive feelings. Paper will absorb everything, and a person will get a chance to calm down, to free himself from unnecessary thoughts, and to restore the equilibrium of the soul.

So our only wish on the day of handwriting and handwriting: Write, dear readers! Write regularly! Write anything – anything you can write!