How does a beginner quickly learn How to Draw Graffiti that would be appreciated?

Draw graffiti is a real art, rooted in ancient times. Even the Egyptians recorded the course of their history by scrawling figures on walls.

Remember: you’ve probably seen in historical movies various mysterious symbols, pictures and texts depicted on walls. That’s graffiti!

Nowadays this art is so mature that you can even paint 3D graffiti with different effects and bright colors.

How a beginner can quickly master graffiti?

When drawing graffiti there is no strict sequence and rules. Each work is an individuality. Everyone has their own style and you will have one too over time. For the beginning it is necessary to learn the basic skills, and after that everything will come by itself.

It’s not worth wasting time experimenting on your own. You should look at the professionals right away, because they will quickly teach you something that you could have studied for quite a long time. Here are some general recommendations:

  • Look online, on forums and other resources for the work of other graffiti artists. They will help you quickly get your bearings in this medium. Learn to redraw someone else’s work on paper first. It will train your hand and help you later on. We advise you to take simple work, without any “tricks” and complicated details;
  • Be sure to watch the video lessons from the masters of their craft. This is the lion’s share of invaluable experience!
Draw Graffiti

5 tools which are indispensable for any beginner graffiti artist

To begin to learn graffiti there is no need to run to the store immediately for a can of paint. You probably already have everything you need:

  • A drawing album or thick A4 sheets of paper individually;
  • A drawing pad or pencil and colored pencils;
  • Colored helium pens and felt-tip pens;
  • An eraser;
  • Markers.

Of course, many more tools can be taken. Even pastels and paints are good for graffiti. Everyone has his own taste.

Though graffiti is more a street kind of art, but for a beginner graffiti artist the best canvas is paper. High class are the walls, and a real graffiti artist would need completely different tools:

  • High-quality paint (preferably from a domestic manufacturer – “Motip” or foreign – “Lada”);
  • Nozzle on the can;
  • Airbrush for spraying paint;
  • Vandalizers for tag image*;
  • Respirator;
  • Flashlight and ladder for night painting.

Start practicing with the basics

To master the basics of graffiti, it’s a good idea to start with painting art lettering. All experienced masters started with this and advise all beginners to learn how to draw text graffiti on paper. You can choose any text, but it’s always fun to make fun of your name. By the way, you can immediately come up with your own tag and represent it. Do not rush to draw in volume right away, all in good time.

So, the first steps with which you can start learning right now:

Step 1. On a piece of paper, simply write text in pencil. Let it be a simple text with a simple font, no need to twist the letters and draw cryptic arrows right away. Your goal is to learn to write evenly, respecting the kerning, height, and size of all letters. Try to draw in strokes so that it is easier to correct defects if you make a mistake. After the letters begin to turn out flat, start to leave small gaps between the letters, in order to increase their volume later.

Step 2: Circle your letters schematically. To do this, choose the style that will be easiest for you to depict. “Old-timers” advise all newcomers, learn to draw graffiti on paper from the style of bubble (bubbles). Letters in this style really look like inflated bubbles, and they are the easiest to depict. Although there are many more styles:

  • Wild (wild) – the letters are intertwined and tangled with each other. Lots of detailing and extras;
  • Blockbusters – huge and wide letters in the background;
  • Character – suitable for experienced or talented graffiti artists. Drawing this style comics and “cartoon” characters;
  • Messiah – layered text with one overlaying the other. Also for advanced writers.

One style is enough for you for now. You may change the letters beyond recognition, because it is a free practice!

Step 3. Once you are completely happy with the sketch, you can make several copies. When coloring, you can have no fear of ruining the sketch, as you will always have more to spare. A sketch is a sketch, a sketch, a sketch. 

Step 4: Before coloring, the lines drawn in pencil can be darkened with a pen or marker. There are many ways to color the letters. Get new ideas on the Internet, look at other works. The easiest option is to paint the letters in one color. But good graffiti should be catchy and bright, but in moderation! Therefore, colors can be alternated or each letter can be made in a different color.

What would others think?

A reporter once joined a group of writers and found out: according to them, 9 out of 10 people like what they draw. The last one, usually, called the police.

It was a good indicator. Now it has fallen due to the fact that there are “writers” who don’t care which fame to chase – bad or good. More often the former. How many defaced walls of stores, storefronts, garages, or houses are there in your city? Banal inscriptions with no emotion or thought simply spoil the appearance of the city. Real masterpieces are few and far between. Because of this phenomenon many people associate graffiti as vandalism instead of art.

That’s why many writers prefer to work only at night and as fast as possible. And some people limit themselves to drawing graffiti on paper and are completely satisfied. It is a pity that in our country there are no special places for writers as there are in France and Scandinavian countries.

Learn and develop your talents.Become a sought-after writer and participate in various festivals of hip-hop culture!