How to make and print an Inscription on a T-shirt with your own hands

Many people are interested in how to make an inscription on a T-shirt without resorting to printing centers. After all, absolutely all people have this piece of clothing, and for most it is a favorite. Therefore, it is natural that many people want to decorate it and diversify the monotony of the fabric.

Today we will tell you how to make an inscription on a T-shirt with your own hands, as well as the way you can get rid of the drawing. After all, it often happens that the image has lost its original appearance, cracked or faded.

Several ways to apply the inscription on T-shirts

In order to put a drawing on the T-shirts for men, women and children, it is not necessary to have artistic skills. Although for some ways the practice of writing definitely does not hurt. For example, when decorating a T-shirt with colored gel glue, the inscription is derived “by hand”. So you can create a truly exclusive thing, experimenting with colors and handwriting.

Other methods will be useful for those who want to know how to transfer the inscription on a T-shirt, keeping the lines clear. Let’s describe the main of them:

1. Stenciling

Stenciling is used to process children’s, men’s and women’s T-shirts, regardless of their size. It allows you to save a single size of letters, as well as placing them in the same direction, respecting the selected boundaries. Typeface variety, size and other parameters depend only on your imagination and preferences, as well as the capabilities of the graphics editor. Of course, the resulting image is better to print with a printer, but you can just put the paper to the monitor and trace the letters by hand.

Having marked the borders of the future drawing with a pencil, fix the stencil on this place. Spray paint or acrylic compound should be used for the application. Subtleties of work with paints can be found in corresponding videos on the Internet.

2. Thermal transfer

How to make an inscription on a T-shirt at home? For the work you will need:

  • An inkjet printer.
  • An iron.
  • A hard surface without irregularities.
  • Thermal transfer paper.

This is the best way to transfer dark and saturated colors. Contrast and clarity of lighter shades will be lower.

Let’s list the main stages of work on the thermal transfer lettering. So, what needs to be done:

  • Cut out the printed inscription, leaving about 5 cm of free space at the edges.
  • Warm up the iron, turning off the atomizer.
  • Place a piece of clean fabric on a flat surface.
  • Iron the fabric without leaving any wrinkles.
  • Place a T-shirt on the fabric, and heat it with the iron.
  • Place the thermal transfer paper face down.
  • Slowly iron the area.
  • Remove the paper backing from the finished T-shirt with the lettering.

Don’t wait for the garment to cool completely, then the paper is harder to separate. The optimum time for temperature reduction is two minutes.

Inscription on a T-shirt

Methods of removing drawings from T-shirts

How to remove the inscription from a T-shirt, if you are no longer satisfied with its quality? The first rule of image removal is not to damage the fabric of the product. Especially if it is thin and delicate. In such a case, rough interference will not allow you to restore an attractive appearance.

Let’s consider the most common ways to remove the inscription from a T-shirt at home with the help:

1. Alcohol or solvent

Before you apply any chemical, try out its action on a suitable piece of fabric. The process of removing the inscription will look like this:

Apply the solvent, rubbing it into the paint of the drawing.

Wash and dry the garment.

Repeat the procedure if any untreated areas remain.

2. Spatula and iron.

Remains of the paint can be gently removed with an ordinary nail file. All actions should be very delicate so as not to rub the fabric. After scraping off the top layer, it is necessary to remove the glue base. To do this, you should heat an iron and iron the clothes, putting an ordinary paper napkin on the place of the inscription.

You can find many videos on how to remove the inscription from a T-shirt using hot instruments – irons, hair dryers, etc. Images printed by thermal transfer or vinyl are heated with the obligatory use of a sprayer. Stickers are softened and easily removed.

3. Tools of the hand.

How to remove the inscription from a T-shirt with the help of what is always at hand? Let’s list a few effective options to erase the annoying drawing:

  • Scotch tape. The procedure is quite simple: stick – press – peel off sharply. Repeat if necessary.
  • “DMSO”. Can be found at any drugstore for a penny price. Apply and wash the clothes.
  • Cold. Wet the thing, put it in the freezer for half a day. Then use a spatula or file and remove the pattern.

We have considered how to restore the inscription on a T-shirt or remove the one that has lost its appearance. We covered the most popular methods by which you can affect the fabric without damaging its structure.